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Councilwoman Vanessa Falco’s vision for Hoboken is to remove the negative stigma of affordable housing. Her intent is to ensure that longtime residents and new residents can live, work, play, and afford to raise families in Hoboken.

Councilwoman Falco was born and raised in Hoboken. She is the daughter of a retired Hoboken Police Lieutenant and Elementary School Principal. She is a single mother of two African American teenage boys. She earned her undergraduate degree in Management from Morgan State, a HBCU(Historically Black College/University) in Baltimore, MD. She has a master’s degree in public policy from St. Peter’s University, Jersey City.  She is the first African American to be elected onto the Hoboken City Council as Council at Large. Councilwoman Falco is the current Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee and supports a number of other City Council Committees. 

 Vanessa has taken the lead in increasing efforts to improve affordable housing for the residents of Hoboken.  Her city council colleagues, and the current administration supported her unanimously in passing legislation that requires developers to pay a fee of 1.5% towards the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF).  The AHTF will support the redevelopment of affordable housing projects.  She has positioned herself as a Trustee for the Hoboken for Housing Board, which will oversee the redevelopment of the Hoboken Housing Authority’s HUD owned properties that have been in disrepair for decades. 

She is currently employed at Stevens Institute of Technology as the Assistant Director of Pre-College Programs. Her role there allows for her to work to helping exposing high school students to STEM. 


  • Affordable Housing (Chair)
  • Health and Human Services/Youth and Children's Affairs (Education Ad Hoc)
  • Community Development North
(201) 420-2000 x 2102
Mobile phone:
City Clerks Office 94 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ 07030
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