What Innovation Infrastructure Does Hoboken Already Have?

How Can Hoboken Best Support Entrepreneurship?

LAUNCH HOBOKEN has been exploring these questions to understand how the City can foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Hoboken.

Take a look below to see the innovation resources Hoboken already has in place, and some ideas that have come up in our research.  Then let us know your thoughts, and if you have any experience using these resources.  

What Resources Does Hoboken Already Have?

LAUNCH HOBOKEN found that there are already many resources right here, including co-working spaces like Mission 50 and Field Colony, academic programs like iSTEM and Project Lead the Way, and business support organizations like Mile Square Labs and Rising Tide Capital. The Hoboken Public Library has a makerspace and offers classes and programs to support entrepreneurship as well.

How Can Hoboken Best Support Entrepreneurship?

What Would Have the Greatest Impact In Hoboken?

  • A RESOURCE CENTER or industry desk like InnovateJC to coordinate innovation infrastructure and assets across different entrepreneurial communities.
  • A BEST-IN-CLASS INCUBATOR-type space could raise the bar for supporting the needs of local entrepreneurs and startups with shared resources and bespoke programming.
  • INITIATIVES to expand outreach and participation in existing community-facing initiatives (Code for Hoboken, iSTEM, Propelify Innovation Festival, Field Colony, CO.NNECT) to foster an inclusive entrepreneurial innovation culture.
  • PROGRAMS to connect for-profit and non-profit business services like Mile Square Labs and Rising Tide Capital to expand reach and share best practices.

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