How do spaces, organizations, and programs support innovation?

Innovation communities need a variety of resources to foster entrepreneurship, helping small companies grow and develop their ideas.  

There are many different types of innovation spaces, organizational structures, and program models that support innovation. Use the galleries below to learn more…

Spaces for Innovation

Innovation spaces that are rich in amenities help their tenant companies attract top talent, which is important for growth.  Amenities outside the office itself are important, too; many entrepreneurs seek to live and work in their community, so truly innovative communities offer a vibrant retail and cultural environment as well as access to parks and public transit.

Organizing Innovation

This information flows most efficiently in communities that have well-established hubs or centers that coordinate and connect stakeholders including educational institutions, private-sector companies, local and state policy makers, funders, and community members. Knowledge-sharing and efficient use of resources in an innovation economy helps everyone in the ecosystem.

A resource hub helps entrepreneurs to learn about:

  • available spaces
  • funding opportunities
  • pitch challenges
  • potential partners and mentors
  • tax incentive programs
  • sector-specific news and events

Programs for Innovation

Programs can be sponsored by innovation spaces, universities, businesses, the public sector, and members of the entrepreneurial community.

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